Strange coincidences


Before I start, I should say I am an agnostic.

I went shopping today and on the way saw this guy sitting on the steps of the church, I have seen him before sleeping on the steps if I go early in the morning. Today when I was shopping I saw some croissant and bought it for this guy. Even when packing my shopping I packed everything else but this, so I had it in my hand handy to give it to him on the way back
While coming back I saw him and asked him if he would like some food, he said no. So I walked on with the packet still in my hand, as usual singing to myself, thinking may be this box of croissant is meant for my kids.
When I was just across the road from home, a guy on crutches came to me and I realised he wanted to ask me something, so I stopped and took off my headphones. He said something in Italian and all I got out of it was that he was hungry and he was looking for money.
I told him I could not give him money but would he take food and offered what I had in my hand, a box of ten big apricot jam filled croissants! He was so happy that he took it from and said bless you!
What a lovely feeling it was… it was as though the other guy had said no because he knew there was some one much more needy than him that I would come across and believe me, I have never seen anyone begging in my area before

Was it a mere coincidence that I bought extra food for someone today? Was it a mere coincidence that the other guy refused food? Was it a mere coincidence that this guy kind of appeared from nowhere and was looking for food? No idea, but yes, all the three people that was involved were happy in the end! That is what matters…

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