I need a vacation!


I posted this in facebook today. It is amazing how many people came back and said they wanted to be kidnapped too! The more and more I saw all these messages I started thinking and I realised I actually don’t need a vacation, I need me time. I don’t have to get out of home, but I need stress-free time. Some time where I don’t have to worry about cooking food on time, when I don’t have to worry about waking up early, when I don’t have to worry about taking children to their classes on time, worry about all my responsibilities and just plonk myself in the middle of the bed and sleep! Or take a book and read without having to answer a million questions in between or eating a meal peacefully, eating some of my favourite food without feeling guilty about cooking something that everyone else in the house hates….

So I don’t mind if someone comes and kidnaps the rest of the family to somewhere! They can go on a nice vacation for a week without me, I don’t care… 🙂 Or give me a chance to get on a plane and head somewhere far away for a week! That will be enough to  make me feel better and I’ll be able to handle it all again once I come back!

The joys of life…

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