Yesterday I found that I had won an online photography competition for World literacy day 2015. Last month I was requested by a friend to like a page. I went to check what it was and found it was an NGO and they had a competition. The competition was to post any photo related to literacy. I was in no mood to take fresh photos. But I thought I had two or three photos that would qualify for this competition.

I dug up the photos and posted them and one of my photos has fetched me a prize for the most “liked” photos! It makes me laugh as this is one of the photos someone would have actually said no to. “Look at what all are visible in the photo! Look how dirty the house looks! You could have at least cleaned up the place before you took the photos!” I know the comments would have been on these lines and if I had to take permission from people this photo would have been voted down straight away without even thinking.

When I took the photo, I had nothing in mind, I didn’t even want to share it anywhere. It was just the fact that my lovely daughter was there standing on the shelf and was lost in a book. It looked like a magical moment to me that had to be captured. I didn’t care about what was in the surroundings all that mattered to me was that I wanted to save it for her to see when she grows up.

Even when I was submitting it for the competition I knew there would be comments on how I could have taken a better photograph if I wanted to send it for a competition. But I didn’t care. I didn’t worry about what people would think. I like this, it is my competition entry and I am going to post it. That was all that was in my mind.

Just like I thought and felt, the 150+ people that ‘liked’ the photo also did not see any of the clutter. The main subject was the focus for them too. Mind you I had not campaigned for this, I did not ask anyone to vote for it, I did not even post a link of it on my page. People noticed it and liked it. There were some lovely comments on the photo too!

Reminds me once again to listen to my gut feelings and not worry about other’s perspectives when it comes to things like these! 🙂

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