Do as I say, not as I do!


Have been meaning to write this for a while, somehow haven’t found the time. Today being my super efficient day, decided to sit down and write it!

Recently one of our friends got married. A guy that I had known for maybe a decade or more. He got married to a classmate of his, a lovely girl (from what he says), who looks beautiful too, but someone who I was talking about this to wasn’t very happy!

The reason? The girl is a divorcee with a child! His parents did not agree for the same reason! Sigh, when will people learn? It is his life, his choice and they both like each other so why is it anyone else’s problem?

The reason I was a bit more pissed off is that this person that I was talking to has two divorcee remarriages in their own family, the only difference is that there were no children in their case. So is it ok if there are no children? How can they think like this? It is ok if it is their family, but not ok if it is someone else? Clearly it is a do as I say and not as I do kind of behaviour!

I just can’t understand such people. Turn around and look into yourself, your family before talking about others. If you can be happy for others, else walk away please! Thank you.

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