Why people forward messages without thinking?


This has happened more than once, and I am learning to keep my mouth shut now! People forward messages without thinking if it is right or not and I question. For me it is a learning process, I learn something new and if we have a proper discussion we all learn something new.  But somehow the last one I questioned made me feel that  I am the outcast.

Some are plain outright wrong information. Some are rumours and some are scaremongers! Like the one sent yesterday was about all earthquakes happening on 26th of the  month! I am sorry but there are hundreds of earthquakes of varying intensities and nearly every day there is one over intensity five! I pointed the groups towards the website which records each and every earthquake happening around the world to see for themselves.  The response was “When you send messages to her be careful” and the other one trying to be funny “When she is talking about earthquakes, she is talking about the ones in the family”! Sigh! I look at it as 1) an opportunity to learn completely gone wasted! 2) Pure scaremongering for people who believe in all these superstitions.

From now on I will keep my mouth shut, specifically in that group. They can post whatever they want, it is their choice, I choose to learn but not share my knowledge there anymore as it is not appreciated. There is plenty of information available on the internet, instead of just forwarding stuff, why don’t we learn more from it? Why don’t we pick the right ones, search for peer reviewed information? Question using logic where required.

Well I have nothing to say, I know life is not meant to be taken seriously but life is not meant to be wasted either!

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