It is raining, It is pouring!


It is Deepavali season and the rains have started already in Chennai. When I heard that, I wanted to be there. I miss the Chennai rains for Deepavali.

There is so much about Chennai rains to fall in love with it! I love the smell of the first rain when it hits the ground… petrichor.. the sound of rains and the wind. The trees whooshing away and hitting the wall or the glass. Especially at night when it is quiet and dark and the only sound you can hear is this. The lightning and thunder… During the day, the chillness that I feel, the cold floor, the cold wind which makes me shiver slightly!

When I am in Chennai my favourite pastime is to sit on the swing in the balcony and watch what is going on around, rains or no rains, that is my favourite spot! Rains only make it much  more beautiful. Just sitting there, watching the birds bathing and shrugging off that extra bit of water from them making water droplets fly all over! Watching the water drops falling off those trees, especially the ones falling off the coconut leaves are amazing to watch.

Of course, rains don’t stop people. People have to go to work, to school, to the shop and some like me have to get out to enjoy the rains! It is such a pretty sight watching people walking with umbrellas big and small, umbrellas of all colours… some sharing umbrellas – could be mother and child, husband and wife, lovers or just friends… the umbrellas sometimes are not big enough for the two and there will be water droplets flowing on both of them and they would be walking as though that is the most natural thing on earth and chattering away enjoying it all!

For small children, this is the fun time, jumping over and into puddles. Reminds me of how many times I have come back from school dripping wet with my canvas shoes unfit to wear for the next couple of days.

Cars flying past splashing water all over the place, sometimes on people, and the people stop just to shout at the people driving the cars.

Then there are people on cycles and two wheelers wearing raincoats and helmets…some who enjoy it, some who wish that they didn’t have to get out of the house or at least had a car!

Well, I am not there in Chennai and am missing it all! The next time I am there for the rains, I wish someone took me out on a bike ride in the rains…. far far away……. I want to sit on the bike and enjoy the rains hitting my face…

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2 Responses to It is raining, It is pouring!

  1. nikita says:

    I miss the rains on Deepavali day too! And wow, the wet canvas shoes paints brings back so many memories 🙂


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