This month has been pretty bad, especially the last few days and I have had more downs than ups! I hardly found time to write and my brain wasn’t fully functional according to me.

Too many things happening and what caught my attention was that an actor said that India was becoming an intolerant country and everybody had to say something about it and do something about it!

I love the sense of humor people have. Chennai is drowned, yes literally drowned because of the non-stop rains, depression in Bay of Bengal and people stranded, homeless, and all we could think about was creating memes and posting them on facebook and Whatsapp! Not many were keen on trying to get out and help people around!

Yesterday this actor mentions something and today it is the same story – memes and jokes about this! He wanted attention and we gave him that! Everyone is busy writing posts on facebook, real long ones addressed to this guy, I am not sure how it will reach him or if he will read them all patiently! The time spent on this could have been spent usefully doing some good work, go record your voice for an audio book for the blind, do some service for the rain-affected people, anything at all, anything useful. So one guy wanted to leave the country, what is the big deal about it? Do people not leave the country at all?

Get your priorities right people! There is so much more in life than just one actor wanting to leave the country because his wife thinks it is not safe! Get a life!

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2 Responses to Priorities!

  1. Megan says:

    Well said Shyami. Sorry to hear you’ve had more downs than ups recently – hopefully that’ll turn around very soon. ❤ x

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    • Shyami says:

      Thanks Megan… Everything seems to be a struggle these days! I hoping to pack my bags and go on a holiday to India, back home for a couple of months soon. I just can’t wait. Hopefully things will get better soon! How are things with you? Is your health better?


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