It is Christmas Eve


It is Christmas eve and it is a long long time since I spent Christmas eve in Europe. The past nine years or so have been spent in India so I have nearly lost the memory of what it feels like to be in this part of the world!

I’ve loved Xmas for several reasons. I love meeting friends for lunch around Xmas time. I love the parties, late nights and super tired yet happy mornings! I love listening to people talk about Christmas shopping and all the gifts that they got for their family and friends. I remember when I worked for Guinness how there would be a box of chocolates at every window sill nearly the entire month and we would be walking around munching one all the time! The food, the lighting and everything about Christmas is lovely.

I even had a five-foot Christmas tree that would go up every year in the first week of December, whether I stay there for Xmas or not!

I still remember driving into Blanchardstown shopping center  on the Christmas eve and enjoying the sights and crowd. The music, Santa, snow, cold…. everything about Christmas is lovely!

I also remember how everything, literally everything is closed for Christmas … no buses, trains, even the airport would be closed! It would be all family time at home with nothing else to do!

Another thing that I always remember doing is cuddling up on the couch with something to munch and watching all the Christmas movies starting from Sound of Music non-stop for all the entire period!

It is yay for Xmas in Europe any day!

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1 Response to It is Christmas Eve

  1. ah it is nice to hear it from your perspective… it is that christmas that we really missed in USA last year 🙂


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