Why do people hate someone?



I am a pretty friendly person per se. I tend to have a smile on all the time, even when I am stressed that people only know me by my friendly side. But somehow I have seen a few people that have hated me from the first sight or from the first time they heard my name, for whatever unknown reason, only known to them! I wonder how one can do that? I know sometimes we dislike a person because of the negative energy the send. That makes me wonder if I am sending out any negative energy to this particular person.

It is interesting to me because there is a relative of mine who has hated me enough to affect my life in many different ways over the years. Every time I let go and try to move on, I discover something else that this person has done and I just cannot take it anymore! Now I have learnt to stand up over her and go, I am not going to get pulled down by you, ever!

Then it was a professor in my college, not sure why he hated me so much. It affected my grades!

I thought I got over all this, or so I thought when I met this person that I had to work with and he was making life hell for me. Later on, I heard from someone that he said “I don’t like her, I don’t want to see her face ever”. Jeez, what did I do to this guy for him to hate me like this? Thankfully he has moved to a different area and I don’t have to see him again!

I am yet to see someone that I have hated at first sight. I do not like people for the things that they have done to me, but never hate at first sight!

I wonder what makes people do that…


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6 Responses to Why do people hate someone?

  1. Megan says:

    It’s an interesting thought… When I think of the people I’ve taken an instant dislike to, it’s usually because they reflect the bad qualities in myself. Remember ‘hate’ (seems such a strong word!) can also be caused by jealousy…

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    • Shyami says:

      I would agree with dislike too Megan, somehow hate seems to be a strong word for me too! But I know these three people have hated me from the bottom of their heart, the last two, at least I have had to endure them for shorter periods of about 3 years but the first one is a relative and I still have to see this person and move with them and every time when they say or do something I always wonder why I even go through the pain to go and see them! 😦

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      • Megan says:

        😦 Are you obliged to keep going to see them? If so, perhaps it would be helpful to keep reminding yourself that it’s definitely their problem, not yours…?

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  2. Shyami says:

    It is close family Megan and yes I end up having to see them every single time I go back home, unfortunately. You are right, it is definitely their problem and not mine. Last time I was there at their house for a party and the comment I got in front of everyone was “Oh wow, for a change you have dressed up in good clothes!” And I was like…”What? Do I even need to go through this?”

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    • Megan says:

      Wow, that’s caustic! One of my in-laws likes to always comment on my weight – she’ll hold up her little finger and say “You used to be like this”, and then she’ll point to her fat thumb and say “And now you’re like this”…. My ‘reply’ is usually a half-smile that I hope says “Whatever, crazy woman” and then I turn away from her and either find someone else to talk to, or dive into my bag and look engrossed in my phone as though I’ve received a life-changing text message…

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      • Shyami says:

        I don’t know how people can be that mean! Yep, the phone idea and the half-smile are great ideas! 🙂


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