Homeschooling questioned once again!



I am back in India on holidays and I see everyone questioning my choice to homeschool. This has happened last year and the year before last too! But as time goes by and the kids are growing bigger I am questioned about my choices much more rigorously.

It is interesting how every single thing my children or I do, which they do not agree with, becomes a reason for them to question my choice of homeschooling! My son can’t understand hunger, then he should get out and be away from me – so he can learn to say when he is hungry! I am sorry, how does staying away from the mother teach my child that he is hungry? Do they give him some magic potion when they take him away from me?

What about all the good things? Somehow other than the immediate circle everyone else seem to appreciate what great children I have.

It is a pity that people want to see us as “normal”. I don’t want to put myself or my children in a box of “normal” or “abnormal”. I just want them to be what they are and accept them as they are. Why is it so difficult for people to understand that?

I as a mother have questioned myself a million times before I started it and I do question myself on a daily basis too, and I still feel that what I am doing for my children is the right thing. I know my children better than anyone else and I do not want people giving me free advice on how to take care of them.

But the only advantage of all this is that my children see how I am slowly learning to handle such people and learn in the process. They see how I am ready to stand up for them whatever happens and how I am ready to give them a choice and listen to them! That is real life homeschooling! Learn from everything!

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  1. Shy we go back a long time, you are one of the mothers i admire most in life. Do what is right for you and your family 🙂 repect me dear!

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