Don’t shove your ‘love’ down my throat!


I don’t know how many of you have gone through this, but I go through this often. “I do this because I love you”… it doesn’t matter whether it is good for me or not, but they do it because they love me and they think it is good for me without asking me if I want it or need it, sometimes even if I say no!

There is a lot of things that happen in the name of love! Friendly advice, questions asked in the name of ‘concern’, buying stuff for me that I don’t need, etc, etc…

I find it so tough to digest it all of late. I’ve always told people “when I say something I mean it”. A ‘No’ is a ‘No’ and not ‘Yes’ or ‘Maybe’. Yet people do not understand. The extra dosa that is served on my plate is because of ‘love’. Really? If that is love, then will you take the trouble that my body goes through because that food is really extra?

I bought you something because I thought you need it, it is all because of love and concern.I actually think if they loved me they would trust me when I say “No” instead of shoving something down my throat and making me feel real uncomfortable and sometimes even guilty about not using/wasting what others bought for me.

Someday people will learn that love is not about “pushing” things to others because we think it is good/comfortable/need for someone else! Love is all about giving space and trusting people to know their needs. Yes, that is what love is all about!

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