Different kinds of people…



I don’t even know what title to give for this!

When I was studying in college I would talk to everyone, I mean EVERYONE!

Last year a friend of mine had come to spend some time  with us, the couple (both from my college) were talking about different friends and they started talking about this friend of mine “Kay”. It is interesting that I had been warned about him by at least a couple of friends when I was in college. But he was and is still one of my best friends. A guy who genuinely calls me up when I am low and knows the exact words to say to cheer me up. His wife is a darling too! Okay, coming back to the topic, they were talking about Kay and asking me how I could be friends with him!

My reply was “If I can talk to “Gee” and you guys think it is ok then there is no question about Kay!” They had to leave it at that, for them Gee was a nice guy and Kay wasn’t!

I’ve known these guys for 26 years now! Today Gee’s wife calls me and says how she has been abused physically for 14 long years! The poor woman has gone through a lot. She is a wonderful person and I have always admired her for what she was and today I feel the poor thing has gone through so much with so less support!

Anyway, for all those people who spoke to me about Kay, Kay is fine and he keeps his wife very very happy! I hear it from her even when he is not around. Even Kay’s mother in law has only good things to say about him! Gee on the other hand has been an alcoholic, abusing his wife and daughter physically and has done things which no friend will be proud of, ever!

How do people judge others? Why was Gee okay while Kay wasn’t to the rest of the world? While in real life Gee was the wrong person and Kay wasn’t. What do all these people have to say about this?

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2 Responses to Different kinds of people…

  1. kaptonok says:

    Four fifths of the iceberg is under the sea and invisable.


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