For a person that usually talks too much, of late I seem to be comfortable in silence. I don’t feel like wasting too many words. If someone knows the answer to the question then I feel odd that they still want to ask the question out loud.

Even with my children, I seem to cherish the silence, when they come to me I smile and nod to show that I am there with them, I don’t want to waste too many words or break that silence. I give them a hug and a kiss to show my love, show them that I am there and listening to them, but words are hard to come by these days!

I think over the years I’ve made peace with myself with the fact that people want to share my happy moments but not my sad moments. I do not want to share anything with people who cannot listen to all that I have to say!

I still talk, I do talk to people that I think will listen and will understand what I say. But it is amazing how most of my talking has been cut down. I don’t call my parents every day now, a ritual that I have been doing for nearly ten years. It has nearly become 4-5 times a week rather than 7+ times a week.

There was a time when I used to call people and talk to them for hours together! I could not eat alone so if I was sitting down alone to eat, then I would look for the phone to call someone. Now, I hate picking up the phone, most of the time I do not even know where the phone is.

I crave for silence these days, I do not want to talk to anyone and I am so very comfortable in this silence that it is surprising to me!  It is not that my mind is quiet, I am constantly talking to my alter-ego anyway! But still this “not speaking everything that you think” is great!

Let us see how long this lasts!

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