Like mother, like children!



I turned 42 a few months ago! I always wanted to do my full marathon before I turned 40 but even though I registered twice I could not do it!

It is 15 months since I did my last half marathon or any official run. Today I was back up doing my first 5K of the year! I seriously wish I was in Dublin, I could have done a run each month.

Today it was my first run of the year and it was the first ever run for my kids! I understand that I need to keep my kids busy and occupied. I have to do different things to keep them really entertained. They have seen me do runs before and when I suggested that they do the 1.5 K they happily agreed!

I woke up late this morning, the alarm didn’t go off! I was up till late last night reading a silly book and that didn’t help! I knew I had to do my run today so it is my mistake to have been up till late. The next time I will be in bed much earlier!

I should have registered yesterday but didn’t bother. Of course, because I was late there was no way I could have taken the bus so we took the taxi! The taxi dropped us off at Duomo and we had to walk from there!

I knew I had two children with me and one of them was specially sensitive to sound, crowd, being on time, hunger and a whole pile of other things and the last thing I wanted to be was late. Thankfully registration was still on. At this stage, I wouldn’t have minded missing my own run if it got to that so that they could do theirs. But all three of us registered and I managed to do a bit of warm up. If I was in early I could have got a massage, but no time for all that!

Unlike in Dublin, the Italians seem to have their own way of doing things. I had no idea what I was doing! I asked the crowd if they were queueing up at the start for the 5K and someone said yes, so I joined them, but, of course, I was completely wrong. I realised that when I crossed the 5K mark and I was nowhere close to the finish line! I got told later on that  I wasn’t the only one that got confused.

The run itself was fun. I had set myself a time limit of one hour, considering the fact that I had not done any runs in the past twelve months, I was not even sure how fit I was. The weather was pleasant. My body was in bits because of no proper sleep. I wasn’t even sure if I would be able to jog in bits. I set myself a target of one hour to finish the 5K. I was pleasantly surprised that I finished it in 47 minutes! After the 5K though I continued to walk. I am sure I did a quarter marathon – I surely walked more than 11K today.

As usual, I decided to walk with a group that is consistent. Initially, I semi ran/walked though. I saw a couple of kids who did the 5K instead of the kids run. Next year if we are still here, I decided that the kids would do the 5K and not the 1.5K and when I spoke to them later they felt the same too.

At one stage, there were a group of (older) men who decided to have fun with me. They were running as a group and they started to mimic me, they would run when I ran and walk when I walked! I was having fun with them for some time and then outran them! That is when I saw three women and one man who were doing it as a group. I could see two of the women were fit and the other two were not so fit. But they did it as a group so even the fit ones had slowed down for the sake of the other two. It was lovely to watch them four together.

When I crossed the 4K mark I was so happy, it was the last 1K, home run! It would be easy… but I also noticed I was far away from the finish line, that is when I realised that I was with the wrong crowd, probably with the 10K crowd and not the 5K crowd or I had lost my 5K crowd at some stage. I was right, I crossed the 5K mark and I was not even close to the finish line. I continued to walk and walk. I did the walking tour of Florence before I walked to the finish line which was another 3K away! Of course, I had already walked 2-3K easily from the taxi to the starting point! I just enjoyed the music I was listening to and continued to walk till I reached the finish line.

I realised there were no medals for the 5K finishers. By then my two kids had finished their run and were having great fun in the square. It is a pity that I come to Santa Croce only for these runs. Some day I should come back here to visit this place and enjoy it for what it is.

I had great fun, grabbed something to eat and got back home on the bus! Now it is time to put my feet in a bucket of hot water before I get into the kitchen to cook something!



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