A big “Thank you” from the bottom of my heart!


I really really need to write this post today!

My son has allergies and a year ago it was very serious allergies which could have taken his life. Things are way better now, it is not like he can eat a runny bullseye, but he can eat a very well cooked egg! Similarly, he cannot drink a glass of milk or eat a slice of pizza but he can still eat baked milk and butter!

Today I dropped them off at Karate class and went for my usual walk. Two minutes later the receptionist runs behind me. I walk back to ask her what was wrong! The kids were there, they had their bags, their clothes, water, everything. I just paid the fees two days ago, so I go back wondering what could be it.

Only then I notice Laurenzia and her grandmother standing there too, making me all the more curious. The receptionist tells me that it is Laurenzia’s birthday and her grandmother wants to know if she can give Abhi and Anou brownies. She tells me it is homemade brownies and that it has no eggs and butter! I felt really happy! She remembered from the previous years and wanted to make sure that my kids got to eat the cake as well.

I walked in to tell Abhi that he can have the brownies as they were allergen free and his eyes widened with happiness and he happily wished her “Tanti Auguri” .I was so impressed that he was wishing her in Italian!

A big shout out to all those wonderful people out there who have been very thoughtful to my child – from our lovely friend Rajshri, the lovely people in Concorde Sylvan view in Bangalore who always remembered his allergies and made special efforts – Radhika, Mekala, Geetha, Salome and a whole lot of others to Laurenzia’s grandmother, and everyone in between! Thank you! You did not have to do it, but you made that special effort to make somebody’s life better! Thank you once again and God bless!


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