Food glorious food!


I am a self-confessed foodie! I eat anything that is served in front of me.I am not a big fan of junk food but I wouldn’t say no to it if someone offered me burger and fries for lunch and enjoy it as much as I enjoy any other food!

When people tell me they are at a party all I tell them is “enjoy an extra portion of food for me”. So you get an idea of how much of a foodie I am!

I am a very healthy person and have no diet restriction. But as luck would have it I am married to a vegetarian who does not like half the vegetables I love – radish, bitter melon, aubergine, banana stem, mushrooms and much more! My children are not as enthusiastic as me though my son would try out a lot more than others, he  is not fond of brussel sprouts, bell peppers, etc.. My son also has dairy and egg allergies and my house is allergen free. All this put together my diet is pretty much restricted!

Today someone had shared some lovely food photos from Mumbai and I could not go past the fourth photo, I had tears in my eyes and had to shut it down to avoid crying. Must be the hormones or whatever it was I just wanted to cry. I just want to get out there and eat all the different food that I can without having to worry about anything! Some day…..

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