Every now and then I write about the rains. Even in other posts and stories which have nothing got to do with the rains, I manage to drag rains into them too!

Yesterday I was talking about monsoon to someone, every  now and then I crave for the rain. All I wanted to do was be in India for the monsoon, have a cold shower early in the morning, wear really light clothes, leave my hair open, switch on the ceiling fan in full speed, sit by the window sill and see, hear and smell the rain and if possible leave the window open and feel the rain on the skin too! Wouldn’t that be lovely?

Add to it a good mushy book in hand (no kindle please), some soft music in the background and a big huge mug of hot chocolate!  That is all I need!

This morning I woke up and got ready to head out to the library and my husband was telling my kids to take the umbrella or jackets because it was going to rain! (It is amazing how the rains always keep me happy and arrive when I just start craving for them!) I ran out saying no jackets and no umbrellas and let it rain and let us get wet. My kids were giggling and my husband was not quite happy! He managed to give my kids the umbrella anyway!

It was just drizzling anyway and we were having a great time waiting for the bus which arrived 15 minutes late, while enjoying the drizzle!

It was as though it rained just to keep me happy because it wasn’t heavy rains. It is still cloudly in the evening and I hope it rains heavily in the night and I can fall asleep listening to the rains hit the wall!

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