Thank you for the sisterhood!



I volunteer at a lending library which is run by mainly English speaking women for almost 40 years now! Today I was at the monthly meeting and I realised why I like this library, it is for the sisterhood. The oldest volunteer is probably 70+ years old and the youngest is in her 30s. Somehow I am comfortable going there, having biscuits, cake, coffee and chatting with them about different things in life.

It is so nice because they all come with different experiences in life and are ready to share and guide and help each other.The support is amazing. It is not the library itself that attracts me there but the positive attitude and the ability to gently guide the younger ones to a more positive route and being comfortable to talk about anything makes this place attractive to me.

I do love the library, I’ve always loved libraries and books and my kids love the books no doubt about that! But there is much more to this place than just the books!

I am glad and lucky to have found this place! Thanks to all the positive women around me! You are all great!

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