My life with my children – 0


Before I start this series I want to tell everyone,… this is not a sad story! This is not about our struggle, but about how we are yet another normal family – a father, mother and two children, only three out of four probably have Aspergers and are struggling to cope with it and lead a normal life! To add with it, my son who is now nearly 9 was diagnosed with life-threatening allergies when he was just 6 months old!

Two of us have been assessed and told that we are fine, but another doctor who had a look at the report have asked us to get reassessed! I do not have the courage to get the third one assessed as of now.

We have fun, laugh and play just like anyone else. We love to travel and have travelled the world over. We love to read books and can easily get lost in a book for hours together! We love food, specially my son and myself are foodies!

We have our days when we love everything and then there are days when we hate everything!

By the way when I say I have children with a problem it is not that they lack empathy. I cannot walk by a homeless person on the street without helping them in some way. I feel the same and my kids would not let me walk by as well. They try and help people as much as they can. Many times they are ready to give away their things – toys, clothes, colours, food to someone who is less fortunate! So, as I said, it is not about aggessive children who hit, bite and throw tantrums but normal human being with feelings!

Basically yet another normal family with our own struggles! That is all! 🙂

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