My life with my children – 2


Trying to be better the second time around! 

We learn a lot of things in life as we go along! In my second pregnancy, I kept away from mold and chemicals. I went back to India on a long holiday. Ate fresh, healthy food hoping that will help my second child to keep away from allergies. I would have done a lot more too if I knew then what I know now!

Around midway I came back to Ireland and continued my life there. I still stuck to eating healthy, breastfeeding my toddler (I repent not letting him feed through right up to delivery, maybe his allergies would have gone away with the colostrum then! But I wasn’t even sure of what to do. Too many things to worry about. I was not on facebook then, no groups to guide me along the way! Family was not supportive of breastfeeding my toddler in pregnancy and a whole pile of other things.

I did do one positive thing though. I took homeopathy medicines from my seventh month to have easy labour! It worked! It wasn’t easy like, go and push and come out in half an hour, but I did not have super long labour like the first time around.

Another overdue baby! She was overdue by two weeks and I had go get admitted and get induced. Thankfully it wasn’t too long, no antibiotics were involved, I went easy on gas and air and I was fine at the end of it. She was exclusively breastfed, no water and she was a happy baby! At least a few things I learnt from my previous baby were implemented this time around and it worked! Finally, I got my little girl tested for allergies and she came out negative! That was the best day of my life!

She was mostly allowed to eat by herself, though I did feed her sometimes it was not mashed food!

She was growing up real quick and by the time she was ten months old, we had to shift to India for good! At least for the time being! A big change but I was looking forward to it as I thought I would get help, get to eat fresh food, stay healthy, better weather,…blah blah blah!

The grass is always greener on the other side you see!


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