My life with my children – 2


India – What was I thinking?

I reached Dublin in Jan 2010 and I knew even before that I had to leave Dublin soon, and that too for good. This was even though we told the world and ourselves that we would be back in a year or two. In my heart of hearts, I knew I never wanted to go back again. Yes, I would miss a few friends, and yes I would miss the library and the lifestyle but I was ready to face anything.

Strange that I did not even say goodbye to a lot of people that I knew. I just left all of a sudden in April. I didn’t even take all the things with me, including a lot of clothes got left over in the attic and six years later, is still there!

A lot of people scared me saying life would be difficult back in India, more so with a child with allergies. I thought about it. I knew I would have family around to help. I knew I could hire domestic help if needed. I could get fresh fruit and veg. The weather would be great, at least most of the time! I had a million reasons  to  move back. The fact that I had left India way back in 1998 and things had changed drastically since then. Till 2005, I was going back twice a year. After that, it was only once a year holiday in India for me.

As they say, everything happens for a reason. I reached India at a time when my family needed me the most. I spent a year in Chennai when Prakash was busy job hunting and settling down in his new job. I put Abhi in a school close to home. It was perfect because it was exactly the kind of school that I was looking for and it was interesting to know that the school was opened there in that location only that year and also that branch lasted for just one more year, the school itself was started the year before and stayed for one more year and they closed all the branches.

A lot of changes happened. By the end of the academic year, hubby had got a job and was already working for a few months. In fact, he even went on a trip to Europe and came back by then.We  decided to move to Bangalore, find a home close to work for him and settle down there.

Things weren’t smooth in India. In the first year of our stay in Bangalore, Abhi got pneumonia and was admitted to the hospital where they goofed up and was put on the ventilator! In the second year, Anou joined school too! Somehow the kids did not settle in school at all. They weren’t happy to use the toilets in school, sometimes they found school boring and they were not happy with the school not letting them the library books home because they were not old enough! Abhi was found to be very intelligent and friendly but they did not understand his anger and the fact that he got upset when he was hungry! There was even an incident when he did not play keyboard in the school annual day for the last minute because he was angry and upset! Nobody suspected anything! We knew he was upset when he was hungry but we didn’t think of anything else either. I had put all my doubts away!

The next two years were busy, shuttling between Chennai, Kovilpatti, and Bangalore. Our weekdays were busy with school and weekends were busy with in-laws! I lived for two years in Bangalore and never had time to meet any of my umpteen cousins and friends who lived there!

That too came to an end as hubby moved to US and we moved to Kovilpatti and started to homeschool.


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