Brahmin bashing? You must be kidding!

“Brahmins treated others cruelly and this complaint is going on since ages now. When I read more and more ancient history, I realize how much Brahmins were treated badly in the hands of Kshatriyas. Brahmins did not have the expertise to protect themselves since they were not warriors. It was the Kshatriya, a warrior’s duty to protect the sages and rishis and advisors in those days. They could not fight, hence the Kshatriya king had to always give gifts and protection for the Brahmins. Every ancient story always mentions “gareeb Brahman, daridra Brahmin”, Brahmin’s had very less money but were the protectors of the vedas, scriptures and knowledge. It was when Parashurama who came and killed many Kshatriyas since Kshatriyas were doing atrocities to Brahmins and Lord Parashurama also hence wanted Brahmins to learn the warrior skills so that they will start to learn to protect themselves. And when the Brits ruled, they were clever, they knew that the Brahmins were managing the knowledge. It is the Brits who appointed Brahmins in top posts so that they are supported, actually even this was such a shame. So what if they had gotten top posts, after all they were only slaves. And the rest of the story lies in what was sold, what was preached, how Brits went back home after having mastered Sanskrit and as gifts they took away the scriptures, translated them as per convenience. Here we are still fighting. Since my childhood, I have been not included and ridiculed in the public because I am born in a Brahmin family. We only see the other side, but we never understand what goes through to each and every person from the place where they are. There are many places a Brahmin cannot go even today in tier 2 or 3 cities. Many such people are happily settled abroad since their knowledge or intelligence is valued there. And the daridra gareeb Brahmins are still ringing temple bells here as per Government’s instructions. Everyone is facing discrimination, not just one community. Everyone has a story to say.”

The above post is from a friend. In her next post she goes on to say about great brahmins and talks about her mother and how her mother was educated in the school her grandfather was the headmaster. She also says how her mother did not distinguish people of other castes and how the domestic help used to eat in their house on the same plates as them, etc.

I am not a person to support brahmin bashing, for that matter any other caste bashing too! I look at humans as just that, humans!

What I could not understand was how she says brahmins are facing discrimination! Her grandfather was the school headmaster, my grandfather was a self-made man, the reason was either he had no money or was not allowed to school, for whatever reason that was! Her parents had domestic help while many of us didn’t have domestic help for years and she mentions “gareeb” (poor) brahmins!

The very fact that she has to mention that her mother did not use separate plates and glasses for others is because that was the common thing. Agreed her mother is a great person and did not discriminate, but that was the norm in most houses!

I have nothing against Brahmins, I am married to one! I have many close friends who are brahmins and many lovely women who I consider as good as my mother are brahmins.

It is amazing how she posts and posts the past couple of days about why there should be no reservation and why and how brahmin’s leave the country because of reservations and all the good talent is outside! Does she mean that there are only brahmins leaving India? Reservations happen in colleges, as per the right to education, all children should get education, even though I know of schools which happily say “oh we don’t take children from

Reservations happen in colleges, as per the right to education, all children should get education, even though I know of schools which happily say “oh we don’t take children from the second standard for RTE” – This was the reply I got when I asked a particular school for admission for my domestic help’s daughter! So step one, even though the government does talk about reservations and right to education, it is not implemented, so brahmin or not, children from poorer backgrounds (mostly non-brahmins) still have to fight to get a basic education!

As I said, yes colleges do work on the basis of reservations, but it is much needed one. Many many students who get into these colleges would be the first graduate in the family.

Jobs – only government jobs have reservations, none of the private jobs ask for your caste in the application forms. So why are talented people leaving the country? On what basis is she talking?

She says to go against reservations. Yes, go against reservations, the caste should be abolished. People should get to rent houses where they want as long as they can pay the rent, what caste they are should not matter! People should be able to go to a shop and buy what they want without their caste becoming a problem! People should be able to go to their local tea shop and have a cup of tea in peace in the same cup as everyone else without being discriminated! Men and women should be able to marry a person of their choice without families going about killing in the name of honour! Children should be able to study without being discriminated in schools and colleges of their choice!

She sits in the comfort of her home and types on a laptop all these things while there are people in the outside world who are struggling because of their “caste”, seriously money doesn’t matter. I have seen middle class and upper middle-class people discriminated against just because they belong to a certain caste! And then they say there is no need for reservations?

I would happily write all this in her FB wall, but I am not against her, it is just that I am against what she writes and I do not want a war on this but I want people to understand what is going on that is all!


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