Let’s normalise life!



This is my third sleepless night in four days! Everyone has gone back to sleep now, but I can’t!

Wednesday afternoon my daughter complained of a headache. I asked her to go and lie down which she promptly did and fell asleep for a couple of hours. I knew she was unwell because she is not a person to sleep just like that.

When she woke up a couple of hours later she had a temperature. Even though she did fall asleep after having dinner and taking paracetamol, I couldn’t sleep properly as I was checking all night long if she was fine. Thursday was fine and I did manage to sleep.

Friday we went swimming and everything was fine till it was sleepy time when my son complained of his big toe pain. His pain barrier is pretty high so I understood something was wrong. I applied pain relief medicine on his foot and also gave him paracetamol and finally at 1:00 am sent him to the hospital with hubby because he was still complaining!

He came back at 3:30 with a big plaster around his foot saying there was a slight damage but doctors didn’t want him to move his toe so they had taken extra precautions. Which was fine.

We had planned to go to Gelato festival on Saturday. Now I should say, I have a gifted son (IQ level of a prodigy) and we have our own problems that come with it, like non-diabetic hypoglycemia, insomnia, low emotional quotient, sensitivity to sound, etc. Everything for us is black or white, there are no shades of gray! The leg pain or the rain didn’t stop us from going to the gelato festival because of this reason (it was said so it has to be done).

After having ice creams he came home and because of a couple of sleepless nights I was very tired. But kids were hyper and got into bed late. By 2 am, I could hear my son moaning (we cosleep), I thought he had pain in his legs, or he was cold as the kids had the AC on and I forgot to switch it off or maybe he had a delayed allergic reaction to ice cream he had (a possible cross contamination) or he was way too tired and has to use the loo. Within minutes, I realised it was none of the above reasons but a case of hypoglycemia in his sleep! This was a first. We have never had meltdowns in the middle of the night while he was asleep! It took him more than an hour to calm down and another half an hour to eat something.

In the end, he hugged me and asked me to take him to a psychologist so he can learn to handle it better.

This for me is normal life. A big shout out to all mothers…. I know you are struggling with something, not the same thing as me, but something… and need a hug. I offer you a big bear hug and just wanted to tell you nothing and nobody is perfect! You are fine and just right for your child. You are doing everything in your capacity to take care of your children in the best possible way you can. If someone tells you that their child has never thrown a tantrum, that is fine too… that is their child and their life, not ours. This is what normal looks like to us. Let us support each other and move on!

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2 Responses to Let’s normalise life!

  1. This is very true. Often we are so separated and caught up in our own issues and battles we become so blind and unaware of what others are going through – we don’t see past the façade

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    • Shyami says:

      Thanks for your comment Nicholas. I find that with a lot of people who don’t see beyond the surface. I am forcing myself to think beyond that every time I look at something/someone!

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