David Snape Show Bank Holiday Special – Listen right now

Here is a link to my interview and Abhinav playing the game show on David Snape’s show!

The David and Christina Show

On this weeks show, we ask the question, who’s been the most helpful in pushing you forward and helping you grow?
We take a look at why anti-semitism hit the news and celebrating an old tweet from a former MP by baking a cake on it.
Plus post of the week: Dieting 101 by Josh Legere
Why the itunes Power Rankings has a new dominate number 1.
Exclusive new song from an old favourite: Salix Willow – Chrysanthemumpower
New Artist Showcase: Wendell Ray, Cash + David and Mahalia
Two interviews: Glen Meling talks about his music and the story of Norway’s immigration to USA
Shymala talks about her travels, homeschooling and her blog
Plus her son, Abinah age 9, is taking on The Pyramid, a general knowledge quiz which gets harder as it goes along, can he be the new leader??

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