Random thoughts on random people!



Do you ever sit alone sometimes and wonder about all those people that you have lost touch with over the years? Do you think about that girl who was your best mate in the hostel and who taught you how to make lovely tomato-egg-butter sandwich, which you have never again tried in your life? What about that guy who you used to go special classes with and on the way back challenge each other to see who can jump across the widest ditch without falling in?


I wonder if Manikandan would recognise me if I crossed him on the street and if Nandini would be married with two kids or three kids.


It is not just people our own age, it is also people who were much older than us or younger than us. Sometimes we just stop talking to people because of some silly reason or because the rest of the family is fighting with them or because you are fighting with someone in their family and are not sure how they would react to your call.


I don’t know about others, but I spend a lot of time thinking about random people in my life, who,  I know I may never ever cross paths again with. Then there are people that I have managed to trace – found out their address or phone number but have no courage to call them or meet them because of several reasons. I have a couple of such people in mind. They must be in their eighties, the two lovely ladies and I don’t know if I should call them and talk to them. I know one of them is alive, I hope the other person is alive too. Will I get the courage to call them and talk to them? I don’t know.


I once found out about a hostel roommate of mine years later in the most unlikely place from the most unlikely person. We were in Bern chatting away about different things. This was my first trip with this group of friends who I had met just a few months ago. When I mentioned where I did my pre-degree course from, one of the guys asked me if I knew a girl called Sini and I went, “Oh..wait a minute, you mean Sini M from such and such a place” and he said “yeah, the same girl”. I was so glad he mentioned her because she was one of my three roommates. I asked him how he knew her and where she was now. We were together in 89-90 and this was ten years later in 2000! His face fell when he realised I did not know anything about her after 1990. He told me how she was doing masters with him in the same city that I was doing my degree. So basically we were in the same city and didn’t even know about it. I got to know that the poor girl and her entire family were killed because her father was an honest man. It was a very sad day for me!


I know one thing for sure, the world is a very small place and I have bumped into many people that knows someone who knows someone who I know. Remember the six degrees of separation theory?


Anyway, I hope all those people that I ever came across in life are happy somewhere whether I get to meet them or not again in my life.

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