Good Morning! Enjoy your day!


There are a few people that I wish Good morning on a daily basis.Sometimes, the only daily communication I have with some of them is that one good morning message a day! It is our way of saying to each other that we are there for each other if needed! And then I get beautiful messages from some wishing me a nice day, a wonderful day, a terrific day, etc and some I really cherish like wishing me a meaningful day, blessed day or a productive day! I thank them and wish them back too! But there is one thing I write to some people “Enjoy your day!”. Not every day is going to be nice, not everyone will have a wonderful day but why can’t we enjoy our day, whatever it throws at us?

Wouldn’t it be nice if in the middle of a stressful day if we learn to take two deep breaths and think about a special message spent by a special someone, a spouse, a child or anyone for that matter? If we learnt to smile at a joke a school friend sent or a puzzle we solved at first sight, wouldn’t that make our day that little bit enjoyable? It could be a baby smiling at you from another car while you are stuck in traffic, a bird sitting on your car and looking at you as though asking you something, rain lashing on your windscreen just after the wiper has cleared a batch of water, it could be the flowers falling from a tree that has covered your car, could be a day of flying past all traffic signals, could be the boss nodding his head and smiling at you when he is usually a grumpy person, a message from someone with a note from you that they have saved, someone out of the blue sending you a random compliment, a book waiting for you earlier than you thought it would arrive, kids jumping in muddy puddles, heavens opening up without any warning, watching lightning and thunder and cuddled up with a hot drink in the hand, fresh flowers on your desk, someone taking that extra couple of minutes to make sure you have had your meal, a virtual hug sent from halfway around the world, someone offering you a seat on the public transport, a song on the radio which you haven’t heard in a while but is your favourite… there is so much to our life than just problems. Wish we could take that two minutes when we are stressed, and think about something nice that happened that day and calm us down! I wish each one of us can “enjoy our day!”


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