My Bucket List!

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My cousin today had tagged me on a post which said “We all worry about many things. We worry about things we did not do, couldn’t do for long and certain things we want to do badly but aware deep within that it may not get done in the near future. And, what if one has to leave the world without completing those close-to-heart tasks? It will be a life-wasted kind of feeling, i guess!!. Now let us jot those things down in the comments? 🙂

Here is my reply…

Thanks for the tag! Not only made me sit and make a list but also to think about each one of them.It is not about just doing things but enjoying each one of them!


1. Travel the world – Don’t care if it is cattle class or business or first class, but I want to travel the world, sometimes alone, some with family, some with just children… but I want to do it. Not just land in a place and take off from there, but eat local food, enjoy the local culture, meet local people… Bus, train, plane, ship, boat or just walk….want to try out everything… including a helicopter ride which I have never tried before.
2. Go skiing – have tried ice skating, fallen down and laughed, have skied on an artificial surface, but never on real snow. Want to be there on the mountain covered with pure white snow. Just stand there and take it all in, and then go skiing like mad, fall down, get up and do it all again!
3. Do a full marathon – I wanted to do it before I turned 40, didn’t happen. I even registered once and was discouraged by the people around me. Have done the half marathon a few times… someday I just want to go and do the full marathon.
4. Climb mount Everest or at least do the Himalayan trek – Have this dream for years and I see myself doing it with my kids in the next ten years (if I am still alive)!
5. Publish at least one book – this is probably the first one that will get ticked off if things work out fine!
6. See Northern lights – Years ago I read one of Bill Bryson’s book and since then the Northern lights have been in my mind. I would love to combine this and staying at the ice hotel together maybe!
7. Antartic expedition! – Maybe if I win the lotto jackpot! (Checked that Nat Geo package and it is ridiculously expensive) I have a few that will get added to the “if I win the jackpot like travelling on the Palace of Wheels! 😀
8. Go to the airport and travel to a random location – When I used to work at the airport I often used to wonder how beautiful it would be to just take the next plane to somewhere nice. Of course never got the courage to do it then! Maybe now, maybe someday I would do that.. just go the airport and pick something in the next ten flights and travel!
9. Volcanoes – Would love to visit a volcano…. active or not… may be just Pompeii or Etna right beside me!
10. Learn a few languages – can already speak a few, but would be lovely to learn more!
PS: I am grateful that I have many many things ticked off already on my bucket list!  (Bungee, travel extensively, live in different countries, try a different career, help out other people, volunteer, sky diving, paragliding, learn swimming, learn driving, sing on stage, sing karaoke and goof it up, behave silly in some random place, make friends with absolute strangers, meet celebrities, win something, walk in the rain, watch absolutely beautiful sunrises and sunsets, have great friends, fall in love, accept my mistake, say sorry, help random strangers, smile at strangers, go for fancy dress competitions and win them, play a sport… play a new sport… make an absolute fool of myself playing a new sport, drive in the rain, laugh without a reason, kiss a newborn… and many many more! )I’ve lived life to the fullest so far, used the opportunities that I got….. and if I have to die this minute, I don’t think I will have any regrets! 🙂
PPS: I have a lot more things that I would love, some that I would love to do… but I know will never ever happen…. some are merely wishlists….. if it happens well and good, and if it doesn’t I’d be fine too!
PPPS: At the moment,  though, my bucket list would be to just sit at home quietly for 24 hours without anyone asking me anything. Just read, listen to music, eat and sleep in peace!
It is strange because I cried my heart out today because I could not sit and watch a three-minute video without my son asking me a million questions… and all I wanted was to watch it in peace! It is not about the video, I have seen it before… it is just the fact that I wanted the three minutes of peace! When I told him how I felt, the fact that I felt I had no time for myself and all I wanted was three full minutes of doing what I wanted to do he got all upset and called me “Self-centered”! Sigh….and here I am making a bucket list ……
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