Hospital stories!



It was way past midnight in India and my phone in Italy beeped! It was my sis-in-law sending me a forwarded message. Very unlike her. I ask her what she is up to and she says she is waiting for people to come home from the hospital as a relative was admitted in the hospital. She had just come back home from work, had dinner and I could sense that she was tired.

I called my mother to find out about my uncle who was in the hospital. My husband who was around was wondering what I was doing calling people at that time of the night. Then I called up my sis-in-law to tell her to lock the door from outside (a patented technique)  and go and sleep as she was tired. She has never done it in the past few months that she has been living in that house!

I could sense the staring and then the questioning started. What are they doing at this time of the night and what are you doing calling people at this time of the night?

Well, he is not used to people being in the hospital. But my family has had people go in and out of hospital regularly and we have a great support system. Someone offers to stay in the hospital, someone drops people off home, someone is ready to run errands, someone is on call to buy medicines that are needed, someone is ready to sort out cash/insurance, someone takes care of the food and time is never a constraint.

Compare this to last year when he was in the hospital and I was struggling with the kids, nobody to take care of the kids, nobody to cook for me, nobody to run errands, etc. And he could not understand why I was upset that I had no support.

I hope seeing me sit here this far and coordinate stuff made him think at least a little bit about supporting others, specially when people are in the hospital and the family needs every bit of help.

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