What can I do to help you?



Today has been a tough day. Probably PMS, I was giddy and had nausea all morning and then the groups that I admin had a few lunatics out there posting all kinds of things. Then as dinner approached my son decided it was a great idea to nitpick. The poor child must have been hungry of course. It wasn’t his mistake and I just got so upset about everything I needed a break. I said I needed five minutes and went and sat outside, my daughter was out and then my son came in and said it was more than five minutes. I felt as though it was a selfish thing to do to ask five minutes of my time!

I came back and lay in bed with my eyes closed and thinking about all different things and tears pooled in my closed eyes. My son saw me and asked me “What can I do to help you amma?” He gave me a hug and wiped my tears and said, “now, that’s better”. That is when it struck me.

I have been trying to help a friend who has been going through a tough time at work. I live far from them and the only things I can do is send virtual hugs, positive vibes and light notes to cheer them up. But at one stage they turned around and nearly asked me to shut up! I realise my mistake. I should have asked them “How can I help?”. Lesson taught by a nine year old and learnt promptly!

Thanks to my lovely kids I am feeling all better again!

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