I’m back



It is 16th of September a month and half gone and I haven’t written anything, at least not here. As I sit here and think today I realise the past month and a half has been a rollercoaster ride of sorts.

I have been living one day at a time, without realising days and dates. Sometimes it has been purely based on what I had to do that day and who I had to meet. With homeschooling kids, already life is a blur, no differentiation between weekdays and weekends. This past few weeks have been worse. I have forgotten birthdays and anniversaries and days which are special to people who are special to me. I hope they fogive me for that.

It is not that I had nothing to write, actually I had too much but just that the laptop crashed, there were days without internet connection and then there were sleepless nights. Things are way better now. I am back to my own kingdom and my own bed. Yes it means I have to work  really hard day and night to keep the wheel moving, but at least it is my kingdom!

I still need time to deal with a lot of things mentally. But I hope to be regular from now on, at least for the next few months anyway!

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