Neeya Naana (you or me) – A debate program



Someone I was chatting with the other day said they were watching this program and when I asked them for the topic (the topic is different each week). The topic that week was a daughter’s reaction to her mother’s grooming!

This is the program if you are interested in watching it

I am not a person to watch TV normally, and this is not my favourite TV program either as I find the moderator a bit biased and have caught him make comments which clearly show that he is not knowledgeable in certain things (I expect such people to update themselves before the show as they know what the topic is going to be). But this time, I got curious and I had the time to sit and watch (waste) so I sat with it because my brain wasn’t working and I was jetlagged!

At the end of the show, I felt there were so many important things that could be discussed and this was an absolute waste of time for a start. Five minutes into the program I feel I am a misfit as I don’t dye my hair or use make up! Then I realise that this is the norm. Most mothers like me don’t have the time to do any of this grooming!

It is interesting as it makes me think more on the lines of how we stereotype women. It is human nature to dress well. So what is the point in even having a discussion? Maybe the TV channels are doing it to increase their TRP rating. It is sad that a show like this which is watched by so many would promote body shaming. I hear a lot of it doesn’t suit you because you are fat/thin/old/…. Beauty is not what is outside, it comes from inside and a person who likes you will find you beautiful anyway. What is beautiful in one person’s eyes might not be beautiful for the other person. So, who sets the standards? It is strange to see most if not all of them were souls that were looking for acceptance from others. Things will change only when this changes, unfortunately!





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