Happy New Year!


I don’t believe in waiting to do things on the “New Year”, every day is a new day and we should learn to celebrate each morning we wake up. Over the years I have been through ups and downs of celebrating new year’s eve. From going to parties to hosting parties to cuddling up in bed way before midnight, I’ve done it all… or so I think. I am sure much more can be done. Maybe next year or over the years I’ll try different things.

As of now, I want to wish everyone that today be a better day than yesterday.  No, nothing much changes from yesterday to today, I don’t miraculously become someone taller, heavier, slimmer, more wise, dumber or anything like that. The date and day changes like every other day. But I surely have learnt something from what I have lived up to yesterday and I can make my today better than yesterday from all that experience.

Over the next 365 days I just want to be a better person each day than I was the previous day. I wish the same for everyone else too. Let your day be better than all the previous days put together and may you be a better person/spouse/partner/parent/friend…. whatever it is each day than you were the day before.

I also wish the in the days coming forward, your health gets better, you get to read great books, you learn to fall in love all over once again, you trust people more, you listen to some soul warming music, eat some mouth-watering food, make some amazing friends, travel over the world and enjoy life in general! Break your inhibitions, do something crazy, make memories with your family and friends. Enjoy your work and if you don’t enjoy it then quit and find something new to do. Smile even more, laugh without reason, walk in the rain, smell that coffee and eat that last piece of chocolate cake. Travel without plans, smile at strangers, buy flowers for someone, eat at the roadside shop, read all night long, listen to a child’s story, make a bucket list and do it all…. go on that roller coaster, scream out in fear, buy food for someone who is hungry, miss a meal, sleep in on a weekday, exercise, go trekking, learn something new, solve a puzzle, learn a new language, dance and sing….

All this just not a wish I make for you and me for today but for each day that we live from now on.It is not a wish I make on new year’s day but every single day for you and me.

Wishing you a happy today!

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