Freedom of expression



I saw this today and thought how beautiful. A toddler expresses herself and is appreciated for it. I am glad the world is moving in a positive way.

I remember this incident from seven years ago. My son was going to a school and he was just over three. The school gave us some project to do every week. This particular week, the project that was given was to make something to show all the special moments of his in the school. So we made a chart, put photos and wrote stuff. Of course, my three-year-old has a mind of his own so he decided to write his name and scribble out on the poster and I thought that will be the most natural thing and let it be, actually, I encourage him to do whatever he wanted. In the end it turned out that we did not get the prize because ours was not as clean and perfect as others’ posters! Which meant, the assignment was for the parents and not for the kids and also creativity was not accepted. This was one of the better schools by the way. But this too was one reason why I started homeschooling.


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