Movie in the theatre


I went to the theatre to watch a movie for the first time in Florence yesterday. Actually, it was the first time I was out with friends watching a movie in more than ten years. The last time I watched a movie in the theatre was in India and that was with kids and having to walk out and back in about a hundred times. Before that, it was all in Ireland.

The movie I went to see was “La La Land” and it was at the Odeon so it was in English. I don’t think I would have cared if was in Italian anyway. I wanted a break, to get out of all the stress I had been going through for the past few weeks. A friend suggested that four of us go for a movie and finally it was only two of us.
For a start, it was interesting to see that the theatre was old fashioned, not the multi-screen kind of place. The inside of the building was beautiful. I have never watched a movie in such a beautiful theatre before.
It was interesting to see people were walking into the hall when the previous show was just finishing and they were still playing credits.
The entrance to the balcony was blocked but we just had to kind of hop over it and keep walking I still don’t understand the reason that it was blocked.
It was interesting to see a family sitting there and sipping wine out of proper wine glasses.  Again, very Italian.
The movie did not start on time. There were just a couple of trailers and that was fine. There was an intermission break for the slightly over two-hour movie.
It was all interesting and a new experience for me.
The movie itself was good. My kind of movie.  I like musicals anyway. For a change, I sat through the movie without crying though I wasn’t happy about the ending.
I don’t miss going to the theatre but sometimes it feels good to take a break like this
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