My toe… my poor little toe



Hospital A&E waiting rooms are boring. I mean depressing. I’ve had my fair share of A&E visits over the years, but this is my third visit for myself. Usually, when I am here for someone else I am trying to calm the other person down and have no time for anything else.

Today was a different story. I hit my toe on the bed post exactly fifteen days ago. When I hit it I knew I had done some amount of damage, slightly more than the usual scrape my toe kind of thing. For two weeks I walked around with a swollen and slightly painful toe, completely ignoring it and telling myself that it must just be a crack and it will heal by itself.

Yesterday when my kids went to the rink for some ice skating fun and I couldn’t join I had tears in my eyes.

So this morning I dumped my two lovely children on my unsuspecting husband man, took just a book for company and headed to the hospital.

On reaching the hospital, I promptly provided my details, plugged my earphones in and settled with the book.

There were a dozen ambulance cases and of course they were the priority. If I waited for fifteen days already, waiting for a few more hours wasn’t going to do any damage.

For a change, I was glad I didn’t blend into the local crowd. People completely ignored me and I was glad to be ignored. I did not look around to see or think anything till I finished my book three hours later. For a change, I got to read something without having to answer a million questions or having to be a referee every ten minutes or so.

I was tempted to call home and ask for another book to be delivered. Instead, I stuffed myself with the soggy tuna and mayo sandwich from the vending machine and the last cup of not so hot chocolate the vending machine had.

Once I had finished my book and my soggy lunch I started behaving like a restless toddler and started walking around in circles and irritating people who were feeling giddy just watching me walk. Given a choice, I am sure they would have called my home and asked someone to bring me a book so I would sit in one place.

Thankfully I didn’t have to walk around for too much before they called me in. What a perfect timing!

Now I’m sitting in the radiology waiting room and typing this away wishing I had brought another book to read.

PS: Evil plan in the head… Do this once a week. Bring over a book,.. and something to eat too… sit in the waiting room till the book is finished and then head back home

PPS: Edited to add, my toe is fine, just internal injury and not a fracture… doctor says no walk/run/work and so the toe will be fine if I stay in bed and read for a few more days!

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2 Responses to My toe… my poor little toe

  1. Megan says:

    Ouch, sorry to hear about your toe… “Stay in bed and read for a few more days” – sounds like the perfect cure – wishing you all better soon! ❤ x


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