Heartbroken yet again….


As an Aspie, it takes time for me to trust people and I am super sensitive. A lot of things that don’t matter to others matter a lot to me. I make friends and hope that I can trust them and when I hear what they have said behind my back it breaks my heart.

In the past six months alone at least two people have done that to me. Talking about me/family to someone else or telling information that was supposed to be confidential to others.

As I age I am learning not to trust anyone. After each one of these incidents, I go back into my shell, build my wall a bit higher and after mopping around a bit and feeling bad for trusting yet another person who is not trustworthy I get back on to life.

This time though I have a different game plan, cut off all the unwanted contacts. Already have chopped off FB contacts by at least 300 and plan to do even more. I have already stopped posting anything on my FB wall, stopped liking and commenting on posts in general. Most of my Whatsapp groups are on mute and I don’t bother reading all posts in most groups and stopped interacting in most groups as well. I have to find a way to stop reacting to personal messages sent as well.

Time for me to get back and do something useful, now that I have finished my moaning!



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