I am on a breastfeeding forum where every now and then there is a query about allergies in general and CMPA specifically. Sometimes I see these post and respond to them and sometimes I get tagged as a senior member who has a child with allergies.

Today was one such day and I noticed every second reply was misguiding the original poster. I kept replying to each and every misguided post and at one stage a person “T” replied thus “Well looks like my doctor knows nothing… Clearly you know babies more than my doctor does and as you know so much about it why don’t you please post all the info that will helps everyone.

For people like T, this is all I have to say….

I am yet another mother like you, my child had eczema when he was 1.5 months old, was tested and treated for temporary lactose intolerance at 2 months, was rushed into emergency with serious allergy reactions when he was exactly six months, tested for allergies with skin test at 6.5 months and was found to have anaphylaxis to peanuts, eggs and cow’s milk. He was breastfed until 21 months, later he went on to tandem feed with my daughter till he was four plus. He was rushed into emergency a good few times, was on ventilator for three days once because hospital goofed up with his allergies (he was already in ICU for pneumonia), we had an incident on a plane, serious enough for the plane to be nearly rediverted, I have been on various international forums for allergies, have interactions with doctors (allergy specialists) in three different countries that I have lived so far and have struggled with this for 9 years now! Hence all this information.

Just like we all give information about breastfeeding and call out when there is a myth or wrong information, I did for allergies, that is all. Just like we do see a lot of doctors give wrong info about breastfeeding, it is sometimes possible for doctors to give wrong information on allergies too (check out the food allergy groups and you will know how many times doctors have been wrong and sometimes even lives have been lost). I am not marketing for anyone, I am not being paid to do this and I am not gaining anything out of posting so much information.

I just don’t want another mother to feel that same feeling that I went through seeing my child suffer each and every time he had a reaction, not able to go to birthday parties or family functions because my child could not eat anything, the struggle that I had to maintain an allergen-free home, the way I had to worry about cross contamination, the feeling of packing food for every single trip I made because I could not ever think of having yet another episode, the struggle I go through each time when I have to tell a doctor that I cannot use epi-pen because of my own fears of goofing up and letting my child struggle, having a second child and not letting that child have dairy even though she was not allergic because it would create more problems for the older child, not being able to step out of the house without medicine in our hands, when all everyone else worries about are passports and tickets, I worry about allergy medicines and letters from the doc to carry my own food for my child…… the list is endless….

I have tried homoeopathy, Ayurveda, Siddha medicines and also the kinds of reflexology and a whole pile of non invasive stuff so that I could make life better for all of us. For nearly 8.5 years our house was completely allergen free. Only now after my son has started taking kefir and is better and has been able to tolerate a lot of dairy is the house stocked with stuff that he can eat like cheese and yogurt. Even now, the doctor has said that he will not do the food challenge for a glass of milk for another year at least. He still reacted to something only 20 days ago and I am still not sure to what he reacted.

I step out to help other moms only because of that. It might sound irritating to you, but even if one mother is helped and a wrong diagnosis not made and a child helped from not suffering one episode of emergency allergy attack then I have won my battle. Thanks for understanding

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