Tomorrow the final school exams start for the state board students in Tamil Nadu. It is a deciding exam for their future and there is so much stress for everyone all around.

When I did my exams decades ago, it was not half as stressful as now. Again, for me, exams were always boring. I would write in a hurry and try and get out. I could never understand the concept of sitting and writing stories. My answers would be to the point and if I didn’t know it then skip!

I remember once I had finished my Chemistry midterm test in like half an hour and in two sheets. My classmates were amused, to say the least. When I got my results I had got 18/20 which wasn’t a bad score at all.

There was another time when I finished my three-hour engineering drawing exams in about two hours or less and as I was walking out, I saw a girl in front of me drawing something and I was damn sure I hadn’t seen a question like that at all and I had answered seven out of the eight questions. ( I had to answer only five). In the end, I knew I was right when I got out and checked my question paper once again.

Once I walked out of the exam hall because my tummy hurt! I didn’t want to go back and write the exam. It was the much dreaded  Basic Electronic circuits paper that I hated. Thankfully that time I passed the exam.

Today after all that fun, I am still fine, travelling the world, enjoying myself.

So children facing their final exams from tomorrow, just chill out, do your best and I am sure you will do well in life. It is just an exam and don’t worry too much about it. There is much more to life than just the marks from those exams. That does not determine who you are. You are capable of much more.

All the best!


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