Lit Live – writing prompt 3


It took her a while to adjust to her new home. Well, it isn’t exactly new to her. It was the home in which she grew up as a child and now she has returned after her children moved out. It is her time to enjoy the quiet life, or so she thought. The first few days she noticed a lone cat coming around the house every day, looking for a cool place to sleep. She let the cat be. She slowly started talking to the cat as she was going about doing her daily chores. The cat sometimes looked up at her, sometimes nodded and sometimes totally ignored her. One day the cat went out and came back with a friend who also decided to stay. One by one the number of cats that came to her house increased. To add to it, the locals started leaving abandoned kittens at her door. She did not have the quiet life she wanted to have any more, but little did that bother her. She now has a huge family (of cats) to look after and she is known as “the cat auntie” in the village.

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