Missing you….


Sometimes you miss someone so much that you want to cry or shout out or do something crazy. Today is one such day for me. Was talking to a friend while I remembered a few people and the good times we had. Now I feel so suffocated and I want to run to the terrace and lie there looking at the stars. Anything else would make me feel claustrophobic.

Sometimes we stop talking to people for our own reasons – good or bad. But that does not stop us from thinking about them, the good times and the bad times we had with them. Sometimes the good times overtakes the bad times and we just want to pick the phone and make that call, even if it is midnight!

I wonder what happened to that promise to be friends forever. I wonder if you will still think of me at the same time as I think of you. I wonder if you still have hope deep down your heart that we will patch up again, just the way I do. I wonder if you like me, are trying hard not to miss and failing at it.

Someday I might give up being this stubborn. I might just pick up that phone and call you; and when I do, I hope you answer my call in the very first ring, just the way I would if you called me before that.

Damn! I don’t know why I still miss you, but I guess I will not bother digging around for a reason.

Life is too short, let us not waste it by being angry on others.

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