Friday fun game – an eye opener!

“What’s something you’ve done that you’re reasonably confident you’re the only person in the group who has done it?”


Saw this on a group that I am a part of on Facebook. Posted it in another group and I started writing a few things about myself and it has been an eye-opener for me, highs and lows, it kind of made me realise how crazy and cool I was! I think we should do this exercise every now and then.

Here are some which I can post here, which I can say I am mostly unique in.

  • I’ve done a few crazy things, but the one thing that I can be sure nobody in this group would have done was to volunteer for Special Olympics World Summer Games 2003. Out of the 30,000 volunteers, we (husband and I) were among the select 150 special volunteers who got to be with the team 24×7 for two weeks! Got to attend the opening ceremony and closing ceremony and got to see a good few celebrities up close including Nelson Mandela, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jon Bon Jovi, Mohammed Ali, Bono and a few others! I have written about it earlier and if you search my blog posts for June 2003 you will surely find the details.
  • I’ve been living without Television for quite some time now (where I live in my space rather than my mother’s house/in-law’s house). I do watch stuff online occasionally but I don’t miss the idiot box.
  • I’ve bungee jumped, parasailed, skydived – no big deal, but the truth is that I am afraid of heights (I am confessing it for the first time to anyone other than my own children.)
  • I have driving license from two different countries  and yet I can’t drive for more than half an hour at a stretch (concentration problem, danger to myself and to people around me)
  • I’ve done the half marathon thrice and an innumerous amount of 5K and 10K runs. By the way, only now I have learnt to jog at a stretch, else they have all been combination of walks and jog. I’ve done the Women’s mini marathon in Dublin for nine consecutive years -from 1997 to 2006.
  • I have lived in three different countries and all their names start with “I”
  • I have done such a wide variety of jobs! IT industry, interpreter, content writer, ghostwriter, teacher, librarian (volunteer) and now lactation consultant!  – Tried  Engineering, Arts, and Medicine! 🙂
  • I have volunteered for many different organisations including Special Olypmics. Aids Partnership with Africa, Asha for Education, etc.
  • I’ve lived in six different cities (and one town) in India alone.
  • I’ve traveled to 28 countries on four continents.
  • I have been to a volcano, experienced earthquakes, seen landslides.
  • I’ve been atop the Eiffel Tower, been to the Statue of Liberty, leaning tower of Pisa, Tajmahal, Colosseum and been inside a pyramid in Cairo.
  • Traveled by air, ship, road, and rail all over the world.
  • Done the London to Paris by train under the sea and also Copenhagen to Malmo over the sea by train.
  • I’ve seen the India-China border and India-Pakistan border.
  • I’ve been on planes as small as the Cessna and as big as the A380
  • Worked in a Hangar and enjoyed being inside cockpit, first class cabins, luggage holds and landing gears.
  • Have met many many Indian and international celebrities.
  • I’ve failed miserably in subjects that I am usually good at in school/college.
  • I am multilingual, I can actually speak/understand more than half a dozen languages.
  • I’ve been a meat eater, vegetarian and vegan at some stage in my life.
  • I’ve been to temples, mosques, synagogues, gurdwaras, and churches

I think I can write a few more at least but I also realise when I see others make their list I have a lot more to do and my bucket list keeps getting longer!


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