Random words….


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It is just random words pouring out of my heart today… I don’t feel like doing any work, just want to sit here, listen to music and type something randomly like this, totally unrelated, unconnected words. Sigh! Please bear with me….

You are my soulmate and I have bared it all to you,
Me with all my imperfections, so I could be true to you.
I like it when you ask my opinion, I like it when you treat me with love.
I try to find the meaning of those small acts, maybe there are none.
You are just being you, the ever loving and thoughtful you.
Little things make a big impact, like your message in the middle of a meeting,
Or sending me pictures of where you are and little notes of love.
May this live long, may this continue
I don’t expect anything more, just this, these little things that you do will do.


How many times I have tried to reach out to people
To say something random, sometimes to help, sometimes a compliment
How many times people have turned me down and I have felt disappointed. That would have been my only chance to talk to someone that day. Is it that difficult to smile at someone? Is it that difficult to acknowledge someone’s presence?

And then I think about all those times when I wanted to shut myself down and not talk to anyone. I’ve been there too. Maybe time to do some soul searching…


Call me, message me more often. With just your one message yesterday I decluttered the entire house today. If you call me more often just imagine how much I will achieve.

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