An Indian peadophile in Ireland

I got a video sent on Whatsapp yesterday and I saw the whole of it.

It was a sting operation by a voluntary organisation and this guy was caught red-handed with all chat transcripts. He was accosted in a public place and the local police (Garda) were called.

When I saw it, my heart hurt. As a parent, and also as a survivor of abuse, I felt I had to do something about this. I couldn’t sleep and when I got out of bed this morning, even before I made breakfast for my kids I was searching for information and I sent a mail to the Indian Ambassador and Ministry/Minister of External Affairs in India.

From what I know and what I found out from the video, this guy is a 29-year-old student on a student visa who was working part-time. Which means he must have been in Ireland for maximum a year and a half to about six months, depending on which year he landed here. So chances are that he will get deported. Who in their right mind will want to spend taxpayers money to keep him behind bars here? In fact even to deport him, we will pay it from our tax money.

Once he hits Indian soil, something told me that he will be set free to do more damage to more young girls. I just couldn’t take it. Only after I shot off the mail, a friend told me that Indians who have committed a crime on foreign soil cannot be brought to trial in India, so that confirmed my hunch. I sent off messages to ask my friends and family to send tweets (I am not on twitter) to the Indian minister of external affairs so that some action would be taken.

This is when things got interesting. I sent all the information I had on Whatsapp groups that I knew could help. There were two out of fifteen people in a group that decided to help me. The rest of them continued to discuss Indian cinema as though nothing had ever happened.

On another group, men came up with questions and comments like,..

Is there a law against grooming?

Where is the sexual contact?

Where is the minor then? (Two adults were acting as decoys so even though they claimed to this guy they were 11 and 12 year old, there was no child involved in this case actually)

But she has no right to question him like that.. she sure needs to take it to law and they need to take appropriate action

Pervert he is, but in virtual world.

Right. Who is asking that imaginary 11 year old to be online. Do parents in Ireland send their 11 year old to pub or unknown territory, all by themselves?

Let us say in this case, the guys was not in Ireland but was in India chatting with that imaginary 11 year old. Will that voluntary origination come to India to catch and punish him.

Real crime’s are committed by family members and people are going after non family member, who might or might not commit the crime.

Also, what if he claims that he knew he was being played and he knew the girl on the other side was not a minor? she played him, he played her… If she isn’t at fault he isn’t either

But there are even more % of innocent guys behind bars due to false stories from girls

You are survivor if real child abuse. Can my daughter claim she is survivor of imaginary child abuse? When this guy is put behind the bar.

But, being devils advocate, what if when he really would have seen the children and had a change of heart… It is one thing to imagine but to carry out a crime is quite another.

But I don’t want any innocent per out behind for crime which he did not commit, in my name or my daughter’s name. Sooner or later in that kind of society, I will also be accused of some kind crime which in their perspective, I was going to commit. (remember this guy wasn’t just thinking of committing a crime, but actually spoke to who he thought was 11 & 12 year old girls)

Imagine if we have such voluntary origination in India, whole India will be chaos, and people will be distrusting everyone to the core. We will have a paranoid society.

Oh there r. so. many examples of foreign ppl committing a crime and let off

In the word. of. law it should… (pls dont get me wrong, there are many people that were let off because they intended to. kill. some. one but they hadn’t committed the crime)

There were many real paedophiles of foreign origin caught in India, nothing happens to them . None of them are in Indian jail (this information is wrong)

But she wasn’t a child… Even though this guy. believed she was

In india, I can run similar operation operation in hope of catching potential terrorist , many will fall in trap, does that make them terrorist. Are we now punishing people for thought crime? If we start doing these kind of pre-emptive things in all field of crimes. More than half of the world will be behind the bars.

Looks more like entrapment.
I thought he was actually in bed with a child. But in reality he was chating with the adult who was posing as a child.

All of the above came from Indian men, how do you even explain to them? Where should I start? First, we need a sex offenders register. In all likelyhood, more than 50% of them en will be listed there. But it needs to be done. Girls have to be educated and brought up to be strong and resilient and boys have to be brought up in way where they will respect other human beings (doesn’t matter which sex) and always do nothing to someone without consent.

Every woman that saw the link was raging and many men had questions which were more like asking if he did really commit the crime and why should he punished for grooming. I hope nobody in their family ever goes through any of this.

Thanks to the three people (one of my cousins too helped me with the tweet) who tweeted the message for me.

Thanks to my friend Vaishnavi who got me in touch with Tulir in Chennai who have promised me to send me some relevant information.

Fingers crossed I will get a response from either the Embassy or the Ministry that some positive action has been taken.


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