Lunchtime with M&S! – 2

Image result for silhouette couple eating food
“Why do you go out for lunch with him every now and then?” Matt was sulking
“Did you miss me?  Are you jealous?” Sat was grinning.  Who wouldn’t want to be missed?
“No” Matt was still sulking. He was just happy to give one-word answers.
“Then why do you want to know?” Sat was still grinning, she could see the child in him.
“Curiosity killed the cat you know.”
“Tell me what do you talk about.” Matt couldn’t still stop being curious.
“What does it matter? Ok. Don’t sulk like a puppy. I make him happy”
“He comes to me when he feels deflated. I pump up his ego. Tell him what a wonderful person he is, how much I like him and miss him,” Sat was smiling, looking at something far away.
“Why do you do that?”
“Because I like him, I like to see him happy always and…”
“And???” Matt’s curiosity knew no bounds
“And it inflates my ego that he comes to ME when he feels low. It is like scratching each others back. When we say our goodbyes we both have gotten some thing nice out of it. And it is addictive, the feeling of of satisfaction, happiness, it makes you feel wanted.”
“But he ignores you after that”
“Yes Matt, he does. But I can understand that too. Sometimes we all do that don’t we? We know we like someone so much, but we don’t want to depend on them so we move away from them and that is what he does. It is ok.”
“Are you justifying him because you like him so much Sat?”
“Maybe yes Matt. Let us just finish lunch and get out for a walk today, can we?”
Matt knows what this means, it means “just shut up and eat and no more questions” said very diplomatically. Matt sighs and concentrates on his food…
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