Lunchtime with M&S! – 5

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“Sat, I hear your new boss has invited the entire team for a prayer meeting of some sorts to his home”

“Yip, yip” Sat was in a good mood munching away her food.

“You going?” Matt already knew the answer, yet he was curious.

“Nope!” Sat was in a chirpy mood today.

“Why O why Sat?”

“Matt my friend, you know I don’t believe in the conventional God and conventional right and wrong and you know that, and yet you ask me.”

“I know you don’t believe in the conventional God. But what is this thing about not believing in the conventional right and wrong?”

“See, I’ve told you about my neighbour Rashmi, right? She is the perfect traditional person who will not do anything wrong. The lady who will not get into the kitchen without having a bath first thing in the morning, the lady who always wears her “mangalsutra”, who always cooks for her family and does everything perfectly, I caught her the other day bullying a little girl who is new in our area and who has a hearing disability. Was she right? No. But people do not question her because she is always right or so they think.”

“But if she bullied someone then she was wrong”

“Thank you, Matt, that is what I was trying to say. But nobody would listen to me. For everyone, she is one of those people who cannot do anything wrong because she is such a pious woman. A person who believes in God does no wrong, that is what people think. They think the fear of God will not make them do anything wrong, but I find these people go and pray to God for forgiveness and then come out and hurt people over and over again. I just can’t take this “right” and “wrong” as others see it anymore. There is no justification for the actions of these people. The man who goes to temple twice a day abuses a child, nobody believes the child because such a man cannot do anything wrong. An actress passing away gets more coverage and interest than joining our hands together to get pedophiles behind bars. I think we as a society are failing somewhere. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to set it right.”

“I think I get what you are saying Sat. I understand your frustrations. Maybe things will change in the next generation”

“Maybe, just maybe…”

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