Lunchtime with M&S! – 6

Image result for silhouette couple eating food


“What did you do to your hair Sat? I can spot a lot more grey hair than usual”

“I did nothing, it is just that you are noticing it today, that is all.”

“Do you not dye your hair Sat?”

“Nope, never have done it and I don’t intend to do it in the future as well.”

“Why so?”

“Who do I have to impress Matt?”

“You don’t have to impress anyone but…”

“But what? I am 44 and there is nothing wrong in having grey hair at this age.”


“Would you stop talking to me if I had only grey hair? Will I stop being the person I am just because my hair colour is different?”


“A person is not their skin colour or their hair colour or what they wear Matt, it is who they are. It is beyond their name and all these external factors. Maybe these external factors help to start a conversation, but once you go beyond that none of this really matters. You get it Matt? And I have enough friends and I don’t have to impress anyone now.” Sat giggles

“Enough of your gyan (spiritual knowledge) grandma! Let’s finish lunch and get back soon, we have a board meeting today remember?”

Days like these are fun and they both go back laughing.



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