Lunchtime with M&S! – 7

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“Oye Matt, what are you thinking about? you seem to be lost in thought”

“Nothing Sat, remember my cousin Jack who lost his wife a good few years ago. He has declared that he is in love with a friend of his who is also a widower and has two children like him”


“People are questioning him on why this thought at 55. Kids are grown up and he is still working and he has people to help him at home so why think of a wife now?”

“What do you think Matt?’

“I don’t know. I am just confused when people around me so vehemently fight against him.”

“Think about it Matt, is marriage needed just for having kids and working at home?”

“Of course, not”


“I don’t understand this at all. He is a great father and has never slipped from his fatherly duties. Kids have left home for college and his home is an empty nest now. He says he has been in love with her for a few years now. She has been his support when he lost his wife. They meet up regularly and talk to each other every day is what I get. But falling in love at this age and sticking to it, is it even possible in real life?”

“Why not? It is easy to fall in love when you are in teens, people will even elope. Everything is beautiful, rosy, you have less responsibilities and the world seems to be a beautiful place. What is difficult is to fall in love in your forties and fifties. Life is difficult, you have seen both sides at this stage. The man has a receding hairline and a pot belly and grey hair. The woman has had kids and her body has taken a hit. She has grey hair too. Falling in love with someone at this stage doesn’t happen for lust or beauty. It happens for the heart and soul. Think about it, she is probably hitting menopause soon, so it is not about making babies. They don’t have to prove to the world that their bodies are fertile. They are not bothered about what the world will think. It is all about being there for each other. Right?”

“Yes, I never thought about it this in this perspective.”

“Now have your meal. And be supportive of your cousin. He seems to be a good man”

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