Lunchtime with M&S! – 8

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“Sat, what are you staring at your mobile and shaking your head for?”

“Just reading someone’s status on Whatsapp Matt and it is something that I don’t agree with”

“What does it say?”

Kreacher taught us that “if you want to know what a man’s like, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals.” – Sirius Black. For a start it shouldn’t be “man’s”, it should be “man is”.

“Ah the grammar Nazi”

“It is just not about the grammar Matt, I  am looking at this and going there is something wrong. Why would someone look at someone else and feel they are his inferior? Why is everyone not treated equal in the first place? We are all different, but one is not inferior to the other, that is how it should be right?”

“Nothing wrong  Sat. The whole world works on this inferior and superior thing. You can see it in work, in families, in politics, everywhere, including in ashrams.”

“Maybe, but somehow I can’t see it that way Matt 😦 Maybe it is just me. Yes, we all have our likes and dislikes but how can someone think of someone else as inferior or superior? Define inferior to me Matt.”

“Not sure how to define Sat, maybe financially not equal, maybe educationally not equal, maybe looks… I don’t know”

“How does someone even define all this? Money is a reason to make anyone feel inferior? If we don’t get help from all these people around us, do you think we can have a good life? If the sanitary worker did not clean everything for us, imagine just one day, all those who a person considers inferior stops working for them will they have the life that they have? From the cleaner to the driver to the domestic help? And if a person cannot have the life that they normally have and they have to get down on their hands and knees and do all that work for themselves, then aren’t they now inferior to the people who are not doing those jobs?”

“Sounds interesting, I have not thought about it that way.”

“Life is quite simple Matt, let’s not complicate it. I wish people understood that. All of us are born from a mother and all of us will die. And we all have to eat an sleep to live. We are different in certain ways and that does not make us inferior or superior, just different, that is all. I now know how to know about a person is by seeing how they treat others, period.”

“Agree, now can we treat ourselves to some ice cream please?”

Sat laughs and heads towards the ice cream counter.


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