Arrivals, departures and in betweens

I saw this post and that brought back wonderful memories and I just had to write …..

As a teen, the first year that I was in the student’s hostel I used to look forward to the trip to the station once a month to book tickets. It was always at the quiet time at the station as it was not peak hour, yet there would be people milling about, some travelers, some people coming to receive their friends, families, colleagues, etc and some whose life depended on all of the above.

Later on, when working at the hangars, a part of my daily routine would be to sit at the terminal every evening before I took the bus home. Randomly watching people come and go. It was always a wonderful sight. I always think, next to hospitals, the only place where people showed unconditional love without restraint was airports/train stations/etc.

Have you ever stood back and watched kids run out of arrivals? Such a beautiful sight. It doesn’t matter if they were on the plane for half an hour or for half a day. They always have the energy to run out to hug the person waiting for them. Many times they would start off on their stories with the other person/people nodding their heads and smiling and trying to make sense of all that has been said.

And the departures, that is a different story altogether. Whether it was the red eye that I had to take for work or whether it was just the evening stroll to the terminal, I would always find interesting incidents and make up my own stories in my head. People leaving each other for studies, you can always see the sadness in their eyes, but some of them have the excitement and fear displayed too. People leaving for work, which is usually a short trip and them putting on a routine or a bored or interesting face based on the work they would be going for. Families or single people going on for holidays, usually you see the excitement. If it was someone like me, you can even catch them giggle as they are reading a book standing in the neverending security queues. Children running here and there in excitement. People crying or trying to hide their tears with that smile that says a thousand words. The tight hugs which mean a million words. There is so much going on there that you could write a book on each one of them or make a movie.

I could live in an airport terminal and thrive on what I see around. But I also love traveling, getting on that plane or train, listening to stories of fellow travelers, of the crew, of people selling random stuff on trains, people waiting on stations and airports…

I also love coming back to my own bed or sometimes even that good hotel where I get a comfy bed and look for more adventures. Terminals are interesting but so is life in between departures and arrivals.

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