3D printing and unschooling

My kids have been eyeing the 3D printer in our library for a while. They were encouraged by the library staff who were ready to make and print anything for them. I kept holding them off saying, first design your own stuff at home and then we will see.

So slowly they got on to the Tinkercad site to mess around, all three of us tried a few different things, Then when we thought we were ready for some serious stuff, the kids borrowed a 3D printing book from the library and got on with it. My daughter wanted to know what I wanted to be printed and when I told her I wanted a photo frame, she went on to design one asking me what extra add-ons I wanted as she went along. My son was designing the Millenium Falcon in the meantime.

This went on for a day before things changed drastically. Abhi decided to design a washing machine with a soap dispenser that was removable and knobs that were turnable (print separately and glue) and Anou made an astrobot with a beret sunglasses and mustache.

They went ahead and printed and it I wasn’t surprised to see the final results. So proud that they decided on doing something and they found their way to do it.





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